Safes - Record Heat (Lp)



Artist: Safes

KORT Brothers Frankie, Patrick, and Michael O'Malley are The SAFES. Growing up, these sons of Irish immigrants were surrounded by music. Their father, a working musician, record collector and all around music lover

filled the house with live sounds, great records (Little Richard, Magic Sam, & Hank Williams...) and an array of musical instruments. This environment ultimately led to the development of this very special band.

The SAFES have that unique chemistry that comes when talented siblings form a band (think Kinks, AC/DC, Everly Brothers, Beach Boys). This chemistry fuels The SAFES' records as well as their live shows.


The Safes “Record Heat”, powerpop eller Atomic Pop, som Rolling Stone-legenda David Fricke kalte det. The Safes er tre brør frå Chicago. Og dei spelar heilt uimotståeleg pop med tydeleg inspirasjon frå 60-talet og punken frå 70-talet. Sjølvsagt også trygt plassert i powerpopens gullalder på 80- og 90-talet. 10 heilt uimotståelege låtar, på kvit herleg vinyl.

"Chicago power trio The SAFES, who pump out some of the best garage rock the music world has seen.
Latest single “Hopes Up, Guard Down” is fun and crazy, constantly spinning and whirling in a frenzy of psychedelic garage pop." - Magnet Magazine

”… garage-kissed powerpop” -San Francisco Chronicle

"The Safes make smart, melodic music that would fit comfortably with Elephant Six bands like Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel and Elf Power.” -NPR